Thursday, January 23, 2003

Rock-Mite Radio

Now for a little Rock-Mite Expedition history. As I was wandering through World Radio Magazine back in December 2002 I ran across an article on the Rock-Mite. My curiosity was peeked instantly as I realized that this would be the perfect homebrew project to start me off on a wonderful journey. The price was just right ($25) and I would be forced to put that Morse Code practice into actual use. I ordered the Rock-Mite on the 24th of December with the hopes that it would get to me by my birthday on the 25th of January. I then began to read everything I could find on the Rock-Mite. As my education continued I realized that I would need to order a few parts, so with a quick trip to Mouser Electronics I quickly ordered that parts I would need to mount and connect the Rock-Mite to the outside world. Now for the enclosure; I wanted something different than the standard Altoids Can (not that I have anything against Altoids mind you.) What I found was the perfect tin. The Timex Expedition watch that I received from my wife for Christmas came in a tin that was considerably larger than the Altoids tin, there would be plenty of room for the Rock-Mite and a battery and voltage regulator to power the Rock-Mite Expedition. I finally had all the pieces in place, well, I was still waiting on the Rock-Mite itself. I check each day to see what the current shipping status was and then on the 21st of January I finally saw my name. My Rock-Mite had been shipped. So let the fun Begin.

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