Sunday, January 26, 2003

Day 3 Build: RM-20

Jan 26, 2003 - I woke up at 03:30 local thinking about the RM-20. I could not get the radio off my mind. What could be wrong with the RM and how do I fix it. The schematics floated through my head as I thought. Finally I got up and started looking over the schematics. I pulled out my meter and began testing points. I checked the resistors, and transistors, following the path from beginning to end to make sure I had made all the proper connections and placed all the parts correctly with no solder joints. Everything looked good. The RM-20 should work. A little breakfast and then back to work. Double checking all the work I had done. I was sure that the RM was working but with out a watt meter at the time I had no way to know for sure. I fired up the rig one more time before church and called CQ. And what to my surprise did I hear but "?? DE N1OGL K". Was the operator calling me. I responded "N1OGL DE KE4QDM K". N1OGL then came back with my call. We attempted to converse for about 10 minutes. My code is still slow and I was able to get N1OGL's call and that the operator wanted to know my QTH. N1OGL had my name right and was copying me just fine. I still had trouble copying. Need to work on the Code, but nevertheless, I had finally had my first contact. My first contact with the Rock-Mite Expedition.
I obtained a Power/SWR/Field Strenght Meter from a friend latter that evening and was able to confirm with the meter that I was definitely getting a signal out. I was putting 100mW into a Dipole with a 1.4/1 SWR at 18 ft. Is that right. I need to do further checks to make sure the meter is reading accurately. Well, that's all for now. Hope to hear you on the bands, 73, KE4QDM.

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