Friday, January 24, 2003

Day 1 Build: RM-20

Jan 24, 2003 - My Rock-Mite 20 arrived in the mail today, and I'm already to go. After having read numerous articles on The Rock-Mite Files I've decide to build my RM-20 Stock with just one modification. I'm putting in the machined pins from an IC socket for Q6 (2N2222A) so that I can experiment with the final. This will also allow me the ability to easily replace Q6 in the event that I try to send smoke signals instead of code.

After reading the instructions thoroughly and checking for all the parts (Picture 0) I began assembling the circuit board. I started with the surface mount first as suggested in the supplement. A very good suggestion. When the project is done it looks like a small house in the midst of a bunch of high rises. There'd be no way to get that in there after you put any other components in around it (Picture 1). From there I worked towards the closest edges and then down and across the rest of the board (Picture 2). Identification and installation of the components was straight forward and the hairpin style mounting made for compact construction (Picture 3).

In about three hours I had completed the circuit board and was ready to go to bed. I would mount the board in the tin in the morning (Day 2).

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